Accessories & Specials – Totally practical!

Who would not want to cook like a professional? A well-equipped, professional looking kitchen is a step in the right direction. It should combine practicality with stylish design.

iMove – intelligent movement.

The iMove fills a gap in the market and its potential for success is based on the law of supply and demand. Before starting development on the iMove, we commissioned extensive research on how people use wall units. The results were clear.

What most people store in their wall units is
1. Crockery and glasses
2. Food, including oils, spices, nibbles and treats.

The iMove was purpose-designed for perfect storage of these two categories. The basic idea is to split storage functionality between the fixed bottom shelf and the mobile iMove upper shelves. It makes sense to store heavy stacks of plates, for example, on the lower shelf of a wall unit and store the lighter food items, like packets of cereal, at the top in the iMove. It’s a logical arrangement and both sorts of items are easy to reach.

TopFlex – extra working space on call.

Tucked neatly away behind a drawer front, this sturdy, cantilevered pull-out table is ready to use whenever you need the extra working space. The two worktop sections pull outwards and upwards to create a highly practical table. And it disappears back into the base unit within seconds.

Table Line – Bar console.

Upright or slanted.

Swivel Up Fitting

All components in white.