MiO – My intelligent Organization.

Big or small, your kitchen is the supply and communication hub of your home. It works like a mini logistics centre for easier living and practical storage.

It’s your culinary centre, but it’s not the only part of your home that has to meet escalating demands for design, ergonomics, storage space and functionality. Creating a system that is right for any size of room requires creative flexibility in planning and an innovative look – with functionality and style that is right for any area of your home, even wet rooms. MiO does it all. It’s a system of pull-outs for base units developed by Kesseböhmer that successfully blends contemporary design with optimal functionality. Modularity lets you configure custom pull-out solutions to optimize your storage.

It lets you make optimal use of your storage space, with effortless pull-out action, fantastic design and the latest technology – Made in Germany.

MiO pull outs for base unit

uniGRID – Customize your storage space.

Clever, modular dividers and organizers offer you completely new options inside the units. The service trays and dishes are ultra-practical; they simply drop into the crossbars of the organization pull-out. Choose trays or dishes from the range to fit your pull-out dimensions and your plateware – from saucers to pizza plates.

The uniGRID divider system offers variable, customizable organizer options. They are extremely easy to install and guaranteed to keep everything neat and tidy. uniGRID elements can be located – and relocated – depending on what you want to store and to give you the clearest view. Storing plates and saucers upright also protects them from any possible damage. Or reorganize your bathroom – cosmetics, towels and other bathroom stuff all beautifully stowed away, neat and tidy and easy to reach. Dustcatchers disappear behind elegant front panels. And thanks to SoftSTOPPplus damping system gently puts the brakes on the pull-out as it closes and then draws it softly shut.

The streamlined look, the wide choice of colours and materials, and the range of high-quality organizer and divider elements designed for durability and harmony – all these contribute to a highly livable kitchen and a better quality of life. User-friendliness in a neat package.

More information at www.mio.kitchen