Base Cabinets – Optimizing storage under the worktop.

Standard kitchen base units are 60 cm deep. To make intelligent use of this storage space, you need a fitting that moves the stored items out in front of the cabinet – so that you have a clear view and easy access. Whether its baking trays or cleaning agents, a mixer or a pressure cooker, application-oriented pull-outs make sure you can put your hand on whatever you want.

No. 15 – Take advantage of even the tiniest niche.

Good ideas fit in anywhere. Kesseböhmer creates much more than tiny filler. When placed by the oven, the 15 cm roll-out is the convenient solution for spices, baking trays or an indispensable towel. The high quality chrome fitting lends even the smallest kitchen cabinets that special touch of elegance.


  • Larder unit solutions for carcase widths from 150mm
  • A lot of space for spices, towels and trays
  • Make practical use of even narrow gaps
  • A slim pull-out: Minimum width (from 112mm) – maximum flexibility
  • 3D front adjustment: Perfect gap alignment in minutes
No. 15 base unit

Organisation is the key: cookingAGENT

Everything you need stored efficiently in a compact unit. It’s the modular design that lets each user choose exactly which elements they need and want – and how to organise them.


  • All plastic elements dishwasher safe and detachable for easy cleaning
  • Modular design. Arrange and change elements
  • Streamlined wire surround,one-piece base
  • Interior Innovation Award 2014
Cooking Agent

COMFORT II – Smooth action, adaptable, user-friendly.

Ultra-easy ClickFixx connection between frame and runner, simple 3D fine adjustment for the front panel, absolutely smooth action, efficient use of space thanks to height-adjustable trays – that’s the COMFORT II.


  • The “small” storage unit
  • Optimal adaptation to user needs thanks to choice of different unit heights
  • Full extension for base units: Entire contents slide out in front of the cabinet; Optimal overview, very good access
  • Optimal format for specialised uses, eg: Wine cabinet, Coffee centre,    Storage unit
  • Space-saving design: Uses the whole width
  • Balancing screw for optimal action
  • 3D adjustment in real time: Perfect gap alignment in minutes
Comfort 2

DISPENSA junior III – The full extension pull-out for all carcase widths.

In its third generation the pull-out system for base units proves itself more than ever before a mature and versatile member of the DISPENSA product family.


  • Accessible from two sides
  • Coherent design for all cabinets
  • Toolless assembly based on ClickFixx
  • 3D adjustment in real time
  • Optimized for industrial processing
  • Side-mounted installation for 16 mm and 19 mm panel thickness
  • Bottom mounting is ideal for retrofits
  • For all carcase widths from 300 mm to 600 mm
Dispensa Junior 3

DISPENSA junior slim – Small. Strong. Clever.

One for all: slim base units for modern living spaces. The junior slim in the DISPENSA range is a master of small recesses. Starting from a width of just 15 cm, this modern base unit pull-out provides a perfect view of the stored goods and access from either side. Even in the smallest units, individuality is a priority. Which is why the DISPENSA junior slim comes with lots of planning freedom with all the ARENA tray variations.


  • OVERVIEW AND TRANSPARENCY – The DISPENSA junior slim brings the overview of the DISPENSA to base units.
  • THE UNIT FOR YOUR USE – YouboXxes mean that everything you need for cooking and cutting is stored in one place.
  • PlANNING MADE SIMPLE – With access from both sides and no right/left versions, planning errors will be a thing of the past.
  • BEST FOR NARROW UNITS – The height adjustment of the trays and maximum use of width means the best possible use is made of the unit.
  • LOW LOGISTICS COSTS – One frame for all widths and flat pack packaging mean lower storage and transport costs.
  • PART OF THE DISPENSA FAMILY – Consistent unit design by using DISPENSA trays.
Dispensa Junior Slim

PORTERO – With practical carry basket.

All cleaning products in one roll-out. The pivoted storage basket provides perfect accessibility. The special feature: an integrated service station, which can be removed with one hand movement and comes in three sizes.


  • All cleaning agents in a lift-out basket in a pull-out unit
  • Top tray swivels aside
  • Lift-out service station
  • Removable washing-machine-safe plastic trays