LINERO MosaiQ – Versatile, variable, eye-catching design.

LINERO MosaiQ is flexible and versatile, offering users a huge choice for configuring the space between the worktop and the wall units. The multi-functional, anodised aluminium rail can be either screwed or glued to the wall, making it ideal for glass splashbacks too. The MosaiQ shelf elements are hung on below the rail or clipped on above it. The shelf elements come in a choice of three heights and two widths.

With integrated LED light sticks, the multifunctional rail casts a neutral white, indirect light over the MosaiQ elements. With this splashback system in your kitchen or bathroom, you can store stuff exactly where you want it.

eBoxx for LINERO MosaiQ.

Today’s kitchens have to meet a lot of expectations. Quite apart from their central function – cooking – intelligent and up-to-date energy and socket management is more and more important. It’s the only way to cope with the escalating number of electrical appliances. In addition, digital media are moving into the kitchen in a big way. More and more people look up recipes on their tablets or smartphones.

The eBoxx is a practical response to all these demands. It provides extra sockets – that are easy to reach – and a secure place to stand a tablet or smartphone. It also locates and conceals LED splashback lighting components that are necessary, but not decorative. The LED driver, switch and cable are easily stowed out of sight in the eBoxx and the LINERO MosaiQ rail