Kesseboehmer FREElift

Intelligent engineering: The FREElift family. In a class of its own.

Advanced, slim, precise. The most advanced lifter family on the market meets all the criteria for looks and functionality. Aesthetics is an emotional criterion that even technical products must achieve today. They have to perform perfectly and look beautiful too. The slim and elegant looks of the different members of the FREElift family underline the obvious advantages of Kesseböhmer’s high-precision technology. Specialists in the contemporary look.

The FREElift family delivers silky smooth opening and closing action for wall units with a wide range of flap sizes and weights. The easy and harmonious movements are noiseless, soft and effortless – these outstanding characteristics represent striking user benefits. Innovative and special about these fittings is the efficient and effortless operation. Not only in the kitchen, but also in bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas. The slim, low profile design of all these lifters means that they take up very little space in the wall units, leaving as much space as possible for storage and enabling easy user access to the contents.

Opening, folding, gliding, swinging in harmonious opening and closing movements. Effortless. A flowing movement experience!

FREElift Familie

A harmonious and flowing symphony of elegance, functionality and strength


The FREElift family, with five quick-assembly lifter variants, covers all current domestic applications. Suitable for a huge range of front heights, thicknesses and weights, the FREElift family minimizes – and optimizes – manufacturers’ logistics effort. Positioning tabs and premounted euroscrews ensure exact positioning and fast installation in the carcase.

Adjustment is fast, easy and errorproof; opening and closing force is set directly on the fitting and front gap patterns are adjusted on the front connectors. The ClickFixx system makes assembling the fitting and the front simple, fast and almost toolless.

Effortless movement squences by FREElift

Smooth, effortless movement sequences for every type of front. Precise positioning and timesaving assembly and adjustment.

FREEflap, FREEfold, FREEslide, FREEswing and FREElight not only meet the most exacting demands for functionality and operating performance, they also live up to the aesthetic expectations for modern wall units. Whether you’re looking for solutions for a small kitchen or for a large one, you’ll find the perfect solution each time in the many options offered by the strong FREElift family. Installing our power packs plus the eTouch electric opening system is fast, easy and errorproof. eTouch stands for absolute user-friendliness. The user simply taps on the front panel to activate opening, as if by an unseen hand.

FREElift Brochure

FREElift Brochure



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