e-Touch Kesseboehmer

Good reasons for eTouch. Multifunctional, innovative intuitive and retrofittable

eTouch opens up cupboards and new potential. It’s never been so easy to open cupboards effortlessly and stylishly. Gentle pressure on the front activates automatic, controlled and harmonious opening. Use your hand, or even your knee. eTouch opening is electrically assisted, reliable and very quiet. It can be installed in virtually any kitchen storage unit. eTouch operates in perfect harmony with tried-and-tested Kesseböhmer pull-out and lift systems in highboards, base and wall units. Which is why eTouch systems can be retrofitted without problems!

In addition to big gains in convenience and user-friendliness, eTouch offers new options for kitchen planners. No-handle cupboards that open automatically and effortlessly are right in line with the trend for streamlined kitchen designs and smooth runs of kitchen fronts. Above all, eTouch makes kitchen work easier day by day.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy retrofitting
  • Absolutely reliable operation
  • Easy assembly thanks to integrated/supplied positioning aids
  • One gentle push activates the opening process

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