Dispensa Junior & YouboxX the ultimate base storage solution

Ask any chef: organization is the key to success

Not least the market success and popularity of the DISPENSA larder pull-out for tall units have spurred on the development of the DISPENSA junior. In its third generation the pull-out system for base units proves itself more than ever before a mature and versatile member of the DISPENSA product family.

The new DISPENSA junior III is available for all carcase widths between 300 mm and 600 mm and offers numerous optimizations and innovations. All the trays and the new storage utensils are fully compatible with one another. You can simply switch them from a DISPENSA larder unit to a DISPENSA junior in a base unit and back again as you choose. The DISPENSA junior is accessible from both sides – which makes it a very flexible and versatile candidate in kitchen planning.

Moreover, installation has been further optimized for more speed, more precision and greater versatility.

YouboXx. Everything shipshape!

The DISPENSA’S overriding function is to give you the tools for organizing your kitchen storage to perfectly match your lifestyle. A clear view and ready access to all storage items is what we aim for. With the introduction of the YouboXx we’ve come a long way to achieving our aims.

Not that it’s likely that you’ll see a YouboXx on its own. The practical storage containers match each other perfectly in length, width and height, as well as function. You can combine and recombine different YouboXx containers to organize your storage space exactly the way you want it at the moment. And then rearrange the boxes when your lifestyle changes. All YouboXxes can be combined flexibly with one another. You choose how many, what type and what size you need. Their location inside the DISPENSA junior III is freely selectable. The YouboXx system is designed to do away with supporting trays. Suspended freely on the traverse, each YouboXx can be placed anywhere in the pull-out. Its position can be changed at any time. All YouboXxes are completely compatible with one another and can be easily dropped in place, moved or removed. Simply ideal for a faster and more efficient workflow in the kitchen than ever before.

YouboXxes allow every user to create their own customized organization system – personalized food storage just the way you want it!

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